Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lukas Graham - 7 Years

Lukas Graham navigates life from 7 to well past 60 in "7 Years" - an amazing song we can all identify with and even learn from.

*I would like to thank my 8-year-old son Chris for making me aware such a beautiful song even existed.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting - All For Love

Ok - "All For One" comes to you courtesy of probably the best sounds in the world: Rod Stewart, Bryan Adams and Sting.

"Let the one you hold be the one you want... the one you need."

Rihanna - Dancing In The Dark

If you aren't a fan of the movie "Home" then there is something seriously wrong with your preferences. The story line will make even veteran movie goers shed a tear or two. But more importantly, it is songs like Rihanna's "Dancing In The Dark" that make this the ultimate movie experience.

Robin Schulz ft. Francesco Yates - Sugar

Robin Schulz will make you move with his "Sugar." No, seriously the cop in the video isn't even faking or acting - the music is that good. Starts slow and and like the adorable "OH" (Jim Parsons) from the hit animation movie "Home" you will lose control of your extremities, one by one until you are up and dancing... and you will say, "Oh, no - my hands are in the air, like I just do not care!" (Rihanna "Dancing In The Dark" OST "Home").

Alessia Cara - Here

"I ask myself "What am I doin' here?'" - the lyrics to Alessia Cara's "Here" could be the anthem for introverts all over the world. Her pain in sweet words make for a great listen.

DNCE - Cake By The Ocean

DNCE with "Cake By The Ocean" - want you to do exactly that... Go FVCKIN' Crazy... you should be rollin' and livin' dangerously.

If only dreams came true, they would probably have this soundtrack playing in the background.

Shawn Mendes - Stitches

Shawn Mendes' "Stitches" is a great listening. video and lyrics will get you up on your feet in no time. Enjoy - that is all one can say about the beats and the guitar strumming.

"...Got a feeling that I'm going under
But I know that I'll make it out alive
If I quit calling you my lover
Move on...

...Just like a moth drawn to a flame
Oh you lured me in I couldn't sense the pain
Your bitter heart cold to the touch
Now I'm gonna reap what I sew
I'm left seeing red on my own..."

Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out

We can all find ourselves in Twenty One Pilots' "Steressed Out" - wish we could all go back to the "Good ol' Days..." Our dreams gone down the drain and our aim is to "wake up" and "make money."

"...My name's Blurryface and I care what you think

Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days
When our momma sang us to sleep but now we're stressed out.."

Flo Rida - My House

Flo Rida rocks you with "My House" - won't let you slow down. This the kind of music that you want to play loud - over and over again.

Rihanna - Kiss It Better

Yes, the beautiful Rihanna just wants you to let go of your pride and "Kiss It Better." A steamy video with raunchy lyrics that will leave anyone with racing pulses and elevated heartbeats.

"...Man, fuck yo pride
Just take it on back, boy, take it on back, boy
Take it back all night
Just take it on back, take it on back
Mmm, do what cha gotta do, keep me up all night
Hurtin' vibe, man, it hurts inside when I look you in yo eye..."

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Papa Winnie - I Can't Stop Loving You

This is the second hit single cover by Papa Winnie. The singer from St. Vincent and the Grenadines covers the Ray Charles classic "I Can't Stop Loving You" with panache. Incidentally, this was his second cover hit after he found earlier success with the 1989 hit "You Are My Sunshine."

Monday, February 15, 2016

Shaggy ft. Chronixx - Bridges

Shaggy and Chronixx carry the tunes live just like they did in the studio. Watch them play "Bridges," from one the most popular reggae albums ever, and judge for yourself - a once in a lifetime experience for those that were there; and Shaggy says so.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

One Direction - History

You won't be able to sit and not - at the very least - bob your head to One Direction's "History". Wanna bet?

Cold Play - Hymn For The Weekend

Cold Play's latest work "Hymn For The Weekend" makes you move... so good... you might actually making the move to Incredible India.

Freddie Mercury - Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow

Apart from being the lead singer for the iconic group Queen, Freddie Mercury also released singles and solos. "Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow" is probably his best such work ever. The lyrics are enough to move anyone..."This is our last goodbye, and very soon it will be over, but today just love me like there's no tomorrow..."